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Granite is an Intrusive, Felsic, Igneous rock. This means it is primarily of volcanic origin, formed through millions of years of extreme heat and pressure from the crystallization of cooled magma.

A wide array of colorations is possible, depending on the chemistry and mineralogy the granite was formed by. Because of its exceptional strength, it is widely used for exterior applications, such as columns, statuary, balustrades, cladding, paving and curbing.

Granite Slab Samples

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Tropical Gold River white Baltic Brown Mystic White Caledonia Giallo Ornamental Absolute Black Uba Tuba Ivory Fantasy kashmir Gold Angola Black lapidus Original Black Pearl Oriental yellow Coffee-Brown Kashmir White Sesame White New Venetian GOld
Emerald Pearl Black Galaxy Black Etna Blue pearl Persian Pearl AlaskaWhite Cafe Imperial Moon Night Brown Pearl Delicatus Brown Absolute Cream
Supreme Gold Black Marinace Titanium tempest Cosmos Splendor gold Antique Brown Matrix Astrus Labrador Antique MagmaGold
Brescia Oniciata Salome Julian Jade Medium Julian Jade Dark Carrara Slab Brescia Bruno Brescia Damasca White Cararra Aquamarine Blue Emperador Light Tuscany Cream Emperador Dark Crema Mafil Crema Mafil Slab Montego