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Questions and Answers

What do I need to consider when buying marble or granite?

Because it is a natural stone, marble and granite are blessed with a remarkable natural beauty that has captivated humans through the ages. Inherent in such natural products is a certain lack of predictability that is celebrated by sophisticated architects and designers, consumers who are less familiar with the material may expect the material ordered to be identical to the picture or sample shown. While sample stones are representative of the quarries product, the materials quarried at any one time may differ in coloration and veining from the sample. Moreover, even a single marble or granite slab will posses a certain amount of colour variation from one end to the other. Interior designers and architects view this tendency as an advantage. These slight irregularities are a pleasing way of introducing an element of the natural into human designed spaces.

How can I make sure my countertop will suit the rest of my decor?

When choosing your countertops remember: Choose the cabinetry, then the countertops, and finally the flooring. Because there are limited styles and colors available for cabinetry we recommend to decide upon your cabinet color and style first, this makes it easier to move on to choosing your countertops. Granite and natural quartz can vary in color which can slightly alter the look that is desired, matching your countertops to your cabinets will make it easier for everything to come together. Lastly, choosing from the many varieties of colors and styles and countertops makes it a breeze to bring your decor together in flooring to match your cabinets.

Should I use marble or granite for my kitchen countertops?

Although typical application of marble is for the bathroom vanity tops, Jacuzzi tops and fireplaces, it is possible to use it in the kitchen. However, due to the fact that it is easy to scratch and is affected by acidic substances, such as vinegars, ketchups etc., we don't usually recommend it. Moreover, the high-gloss of the marble countertop can be partially lost as many chemical etch its surface. Granite is considered the second hardest stone, its polish is not subject to etching by household acids, or scratching by knives and pots and pans under normal use. It is also not affected by typical kitchen heat such as hot pans.